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July 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

I had this crazy amazing dream a while back, after my dad passed away. It's something that I've been thinking about a lot and I have really been back and forth on whether to share it or not because it's so personal. I guess I'm going to go totally out on a limb here and just be vulnerable for bit. I can't stop looking at the stars lately and all of my creative energy for photography keeps leading to celestial themes.


I had the most amazing dream last night. 

I dreamt that I was in a college classroom. For some reason I had to take a very advanced chemistry class. I had already taken Chem1 and Chem 2 for my degree. I had graduated so I didn't understand why I was there and why I had to take this class. So I sit down in this auditorium. The professor is a Native American looking man (he has an uncanny resemblance to Graham Green, most known in the 90's movie Maverick) and as he starts to speak the lights go down and halogen stage lights are present over where he speaks. I look up and I see the night sky with hazy white striations resembling clouds. He explains where they come from. Then I look ahead and see a very small very vibrant deep royal blue light. (Kind of like the deepest blue that you would see from a welding arc). It begins as a small ball of light and then morphs to a cylindrical flattened out shape. He explains that this is before the world or creation. He said don't worry about this, this is before all creatures, aliens and other species (aliens,..mmm...oh really?), . Then in front of me I see a few clouds and another royal blue light but it's a little lighter. This was creation.  This was the beginning, he said. There were more colors from the entire spectrum of the rainbow. I saw orange and yellow and some warm vibrant colors under the Blue. He said this is where God is, in the blue. The warm colors were a representation of God's love.  

Then he starts to speak in a chant. It was a beautiful poem, where the ending of each line had a rhythm and rhyme. He had a Native American Indian appearance and this chant was so beautiful that it gave me chills. As he started to recite it, there was another class room auditorium behind him and they could here his voice and started to recite this chant with him (as if it was on the other side of the wall). The classroom I was in had never heard it before so we were all listening intently. As he was speaking he looked so poised and confidant. His chin held high as he peered out of the corner of his eye to see our reactions. He had a sense of pride in what he was saying. This is what I gathered from his body language. 

So he begins reciting this beautiful chant that gave me chills. I can't remember any of what was said until the very end of the chant or poem which said "God with us."  Maybe I couldn't understand the language or I couldn't remember what was said, either way, I awoke abruptly after the last line "God with us". 

Then I woke up.....

I immediately thought in my mind, as I went from subconscious to conscious alertness. I said to myself "God is with us" means Immanuel. Wow! Ok, so what does this Blue light and God is with us really mean. I saw this spectrum of colors but blue was the most important. 

So I get on google and look it up. It says Blue light is the light of God. Blue light is Christ consciousness. In this dream I didn't see Jesus or feel an angel. There was no human physical anchor to relate this too. No personification of God. God was the blue light as well as the spectrum of light and color I saw below the blue. This light was God in my dream. It was God's colors. It was a glimpse of the beginning and maybe the color spectrum was a representation of heaven but in my dream it was more primitive than that. 

Dark blue (the light I saw which wasn't as important) means revelation, authority, kingship, priesthood, faithfulness. 


The Blue light that was most important and representative means heaven, Holy Spirit, divinity, serenity, revelation. 


Originally I thought that all I saw in my dream was God and his light. No personification of Jesus or angels etc. What I saw was the beginning, the root, the core of God. It was the beginning. But after looking up Immanuel (God with us) in the Bible. This is what I discovered.

 ““The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).”

Matthew 1:23 NIV

"God with us" IS Jesus. Jesus was actually part of my dream because that was the very last line of the poem/chant. Jesus is the physical manifestation of God, the flesh, and someone tangible that our human side can relate to.


The Holy Spirit in my dream was the dream itself, the messenger. 


I experienced the trinity. 


My interpretation is that God is not some old white man with a beard sitting on a throne in heaven but just pure light, energy and love.

Anyway, this is just my interpretation of what I saw. I don't have all the answers so please be gentle with me if I missed the mark.

Addendum: When I was thinking that God was pure light,..... maybe that is just the way that God was able to relate to my human mind. Maybe He would represent himself to others in another way, maybe through thunder and lighting for example or however else. What if He spoke to me in a way that I would understand and to someone else, the message could be delivered differently. Who am I to say who God is.


Look up on Google Blue light, God with us. It explains a lot of more of the meanings of the colors of light. 

The end.


Blue Star, McAllen Texas, fine art photographyBlue Star, McAllen Texas, fine art photographyBlue Star, McAllen Texas, fine art photography

This is such a rudimentary illustration of what I saw in my dream but I just can't seem to recreate all of the colors that I saw.


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